What Not to Share During a First Encounter
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What Not to Share During a First Encounter

When Information is Too Much

We've all found ourselves doing it. In a day and age where we practically announce even the most minute details of our day with the world via social media, there is a time when information sharing can be a bit too much.

The old saying that first impressions can be made only once is incredibly true. However, many online daters often forget that their profile and interactions with a potential match essentially work as a first impression of who they are. While it is important to be honest and open, there are a few details best kept to yourself. Here are a few tips on when information is too much and when not to share it.

Details About Your Ex

It is assumed that if you are attempting online dating as an option that you are over any past relationships. However, this is not always the case. Adding details about how you are looking for someone who is nothing like your last relationship and explaining what went wrong can be an immediate turn off to those you are trying to make a good impression on. Instead, save the romantic history talk for later when you have gotten to know your potential match better.

Details Not Directly Related to You

Sure, we think it is cool that your second cousin's neighbor's dog once shared an elevator with Ellen DeGeneres. Or that you have a friend of a friend who once appeared as a cabdriver on CSI. However, this does not directly relate to you. Unless you experienced it yourself, leave details not directly related to you off your profile.

Complaints About Your Job, Life, Etc.

Nobody likes someone who is constantly negative. Adding details about how much your hate your mundane job and how your life is incredibly boring only makes you look bad. Of course, do not lie about them through elaborate stories, either. Be truthful, but remember to keep things positive.

Parenting and Children

This is usually a tough one for single parents. Many do not know whether or not to include the fact that they have children as part of their profile. The simplest answer to this is that yes, you should include the fact that you are a parent. However, to keep the safety of your kids safe, leave off any details (ages, schools, names, etc.) and photos of them. Once you get to know a person who has viewed your profile, then the topic can be discussed further.

What sort of details should you include? Be open. Keep things honest when describing who you are and what your lifestyle entails. Just remember that there is such a thing as providing too much information.