8 Ways to Meet Single Lesbians
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8 Ways to Meet Single Lesbians

Does she like you? Is she coming onto you? Is she flirting, or does she just really enjoy flipping her hair?

Dating is hard enough without being a gay woman in a heteronormative world. It can often seem like an impossible task to find someone else in your city who is single and gay and into all the same things you are. But don't worry! Here are eight tips for making it a little easier to meet single lesbians.

8: Use a dating site.

Gone are the days when this was something shameful. Everyone uses dating sites now, and with drop-down menus and public profiles, it's easier than ever to figure out who's gay and who's looking. 

7: Go to a gay or lesian bar.

It's cliche for a reason! Even if she turns out to be a straight girl "just hanging out with friends," at least you won't feel foolish for trying. She's the one out of place, not you.

6: Join LGBT events in your area.

Not only will you be helping a good cause, but they'll offer you the chance to meet confident, passionate, civic-minded women who care about their communities. What more can you ask for in a partner?  Many LGBT events are held by local gay and lesbian chamber of commerces.

5: Identify yourself as a lesbian.

If you're out, consider adding some kind of Pride symbol to your regular outfits so other lesbians will recognize you as one of their own. If you aren't out, now might be a good time to consider it.

4: Join an LGBT forum or chat room.

Unlike dating sites, these don't have to be about romance. You can simply share stories and post interesting LGBT news until you make new friends with like-minded people.

3: Ask your friends.

Not all social networking has to be done through Facebook! You can often strike gold just by asking your friends if they know any single ladies who might be interested in grabbing coffee sometime.

2: Ask Craigslist.

You might want to avoid the personals to cut down on spam, but you can always post on the "activities" or "partners" section if you're just looking to meet single lesbians in the area.

1: Be visible in your LGBT community.

If your city has a gay and lesbian district, or even just a collection of gay hangouts in a specific area, consider spending your Friday nights there instead of your usual haunts. You never know when you'll meet the one!